Electronic Components Price Benchmarking

In partnership with Freebenchmarking.com, Techfind offers our customers a NO CHARGE Gold Report. The industry’s most valuable component price benchmarking and risk assessment report.

A line-by-line price analysis of your complete component spend. Detailed assessment of your end-of-life and single source risks.

Many of the world’s leading OEM and EMS companies are using Freebenchmarking.com to improve their component cost competitiveness, market leadership and profitability.

Their proven, proprietary approach supported by the largest independent database of current industry pricing gives procurement professionals the knowledge they need to gain true competitive advantage.

They have taken electronic component price benchmarking to a completely new level of performance, unmatched by any other solution in the industry. Actionable line-by-line analysis of your complete electronic component spend will translate into real cost savings in every report.