Vendor Managed Inventory
Techfind has a background in supplying Vendor Managed Inventory Services to the top global Electronic Contract Manufacturers around the world.  This background includes an IT Infrastructure and Logistics Systems that ensures the right components are at the right manufacturing location at the right time, no matter where in the world production is taking place.

Take advantage of our experience in Vendor Managed Inventory Services to help you keep your inventory localized but off your balance sheet. Reap the benefits of a global supply chain and gain a competitive advantage. 

Postpone Ownership of Your Components

Benefits of Reducing Inventory
  • Improve Financial Performance
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Greater Return on Assets
  • Increase Inventory Turns
  • Improve Service To Your Customers
  • Reduce Inventory Cycle Times
  • Increase Investor Confidence
  • Focus on core activities
  • Visibility over the web of your inventory
We hold your inventory and manage it for you, until you need it on your production line.  Our electronic component inventory management solutions keep inventories off your balance sheet, so you can apply your capital where it counts - producing world class product.

 Your Strategic Partner For Your Electronic Component Requirements.

Techfind is the ideal complement to your existing supply chain. Take advantage of our broadest, deepest and most dependable electronic components distribution network in the world.  We help reduce costs, manage inventory and meet your scheduled requirements.  

You can expect, reliability, fast quotations, immediate delivery, and exceptional prices.  Our unique distribution services provide flexibility, web visibility, next day delivery, local customer service, and technical support.