Electronic Components Supply Chain
Techfind is a company dedicated to supplying buyers with the newest products and leading-edge technologies combined with unsurpassed customer service and worldwide support. With a focus on cost reduction for the latest products, Techfind is redefining customer-focused distribution.

Supplier Relationships
Many suppliers of components have come to depend on Techfind to help them develop new sales opportunities and solve challenging materials management issues. We work directly with many factories.

Alternate Sources
Techfind can not only help in reducing the costs of your existing bill of material, but can also work with your supply chain and or Engineering Dept, to develop alternate sources.

When a part goes obsolete, Techfind will work with you to review your requirements and present a number of options, including: 
End-of-Life or Last-Time-Buy options, alternate source opportunities, stocking packages and an assessment of what is currently available in the marketplace.

Kitting Requirements
Techfind offers kitting solutions and complete outsourced procurement services to a select few customers. These customers have come to trust us with assisting them with their component sourcing needs and meeting demanding schedules. We have the experience, talent and tools to manage production requirements. Customers can take advantage of our knowledge to identify areas of overall cost savings. We enhance customer profitability and time-to-market performance with a balance of innovative procurement practice and never ending process improvement.